Explore our island!

The journey starts at the quay “Indre kai” in Haugesund. The ferry ride lasts 25 minutes and is an experience on its own.

On Røvær, every season has its charm. The summer with its calm and narrow straits, the autumn with its powerful storms, the winter with its easygoing pace and freezing cold winds and the spring with its clear, bright light…

The ferryboat goes between Røvær and Haugesund every day, all day, all year.

Right by the School and Kindergarden, there is a new and lovely playground for the kids with the possibility of using the benches and tables, if you brought your own food – that is as long as you clean up after yourselves and leave the area in a good state. There is also a football court close by.

GrønavikåLothastranda and Grønasvika are the two most popular places to go for a swim or sunbathe. In Lothastranda there is a somewhat sandy beach and a shelter, and also a volleyball court and an outdoor toilet. While in Grønasvika there are Viking graves and a simpler standard to the “beach”, but still a charming and beautiful spot.

Bråvarden, the islands highest point with its 4600 centimeters above sea level, provides breathtaking views on a clear day, and if you get your hands on a free map from the local shop, you can go for a hike on the different hiking trails on the Western part of the island. The nature is beautiful and diverse and provides many intriguing areas to explore for people of all ages.

Our museum, Hiltahuset, can be opened for visitors after appointment – a skillful guide will fill you in on the story of our island. “Skjoldbladbua” is the museums nearest neighbour and is a souvenir shop with items handcrafted by local hands.

Røvær Seahouse with its serving of the traditional Norwegian dish “komle”, and Røvær Culture Hotel have seasonal based opening hours. Find them on Facebook or ring them on 52715800.

Take a walk up to the Bridge of Love, via the Proposal Road and put up a padlock on the fence with your love! – We recommend buying a padlock in stainless steel in the city, maybe even have in engraved? For those of you more spontaneous, they also sell padlocks in the local shop.